Spa Treatments

Choose from our wide array of massage treatments to soothe aching muscles and rejuvenate your senses.  


sago custom massage     30/60/90 minutes     $85/$130/$190
A relaxing massage for the entire body using nut free unscented oil, this treatment will help calm your mind and melt away tension.

deep tissue massage     30/60/90 minutes     $95/$150/$220
A firm pressure massage to target knotted and over-stressed muscles.

head, hand, and feet     30 minutes         $85
This massage focuses on the areas that get ignored the most! Ease tensions caused by stress and over use of hands and feet with this treatment that includes scalp, hand, and foot massage.

baby on board massage         30/60 Minutes         $85/$130
Aides in comfort and relieves tension for the mother to be. For guest’s safety, prenatal massage is offered only during the second and third trimesters.

river stone massage     60/75 minutes         $155/$190
As a healing remedy, Native Americans would heat basalt rock, usually found on the ocean floor, and apply them to the body. We have recreated this special regimen as a way to ease stress and anxiety, lift your mood, and help with tired muscles.   

ashiatsu (barefoot) massage     90 minutes     $200
If you are searching for the deepest massage on the menu, this is it. Bare feet are used to create deep compression and long strokes to stimulate the lymphatic system, leaving you in a most relaxed state.

signature old fashioned back tonic     60 minutes     $140
Inspired by the watermen of the Eastern Shore in need of recovery from harvesting the Bay, this relaxing experience combines deep, intensive massage with steaming herb infused towels. Essential oils of rosemary, juniper and thyme and arnica muscle salve help unravel deep rooted spinal tension.

*Please call to inquire about our couples options


aromatherapy     $10
Choose from three aromatherapy oils centered on Life, Vitality and Nourishment

hydrating hand treatment     $15
Deeply moisturize hands with this natural paraffin alternative

luminous scalp massage     15 minutes     $25
A deep conditioning treatment for hair and scalp massaged in to induce a state of deep peacefulness

sweet feet     15 minutes     $25
A targeted massage with cooling menthol and anti-inflammatory arnica will leave feet purified, refreshed, and hydrated